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Genealogy test - Paternal line

Genealogy test - Paternal line
Brand: Genomia
Product Code: GENOMIA002
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Y-DNA test, 12 markers

Provides genealogically relevant matches and recent ancestral origins.

The genetic analysis of conserved regions for Y-DNA enables us to research the origin, history and common ancestors of every paternal line. Geographical and genetic studies of nations and ethnic groups all over the world revealed characteristic sets of Y-STR markers in Y-DNA (STR = single tandem repetition, short repeating patterns in DNA). Comparing the analysed Y-DNA with these population identificators, it is possible to determine where our ancestors came from and what population is the closest on the paternal line. Genomia performs tests for 12 Y-STR markers that enable to match a man to his paternal line (haplogroup).

The Y-chromosomal DNA is present only in males. The females have no Y-chromosome and therefore it is not possible to determine the origin of the paternal line from the female DNA. However, there is a possibility of indirect testing – by analysing Y-DNA of some direct male relatives of the given woman, e.g. father, brother or uncle (or their sons). Thanks to Y-, every man alive today can trace his origin to one common genetic forefather Adam who lived in East Africa about 80 thousand years ago (the information about time differs in various literature sources).

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