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Dog DNA Dog Breed Testing

Dog DNA Dog Breed Testing
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Dog DNA Breed Testing

Regardless of what your dog is—a Mutt, Mixhound, 57 Special, Diamond in the Woof, Pound Puppy or Fusion Dog—there is no doubt that your dog is unique and loved! Many of us treat our dogs like our children; we buy them special gifts, take them on vacations, dress them up and even throw birthday parties for them! Heck, for some of us, "Dog is our co-pilot!"

If your mixed breed dog is your best friend and companion, and you wouldn't trade he or she in for any paper-bearing, "dignified", expensive AKC purebred in the world, then you are in the mixed breed lovers club! Wouldn't it be amazing if you could not only have "papers" for your own dog, but know the breeds in his or her genetic ancestry? If so, you could finally say, "My wonder dog is a Lab,Terrier, Boxer and Golden Retriever", instead of just a "Custom Blend Canine"!

We invite you to be join this unique club and be among some the first people in the world to participate in this amazing DNA-based diagnostic testing that can genetically determine the breed composition of your dog in the comfort of your own home using a non-invasive cheek swab. That means no expensive visits to the vet and no needles for a blood draw! You, the pet owner, can easily and painlessly perform the cheek swab at home, which avoids the trauma and expense of other tests and methods.

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