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WobleFit + Nutrition (fitness and nutrition test)

WobleFit + Nutrition (fitness and nutrition test)
Brand: Woblab
Product Code: WOB002
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WobleFit + Nutrition gives you instructions on how to eat and exercise based on your genetic inheritance.

This test supplements the basic fitness test by recommending best practices to combine healthy diet and optimal training.

The test includes both, fitness and nutrition profiles!

Doing sports on a regular basis or just to stay in shape? Do you tend to run, go to gym, or manage your weight?

No matter what your target is, this test is made for you! We are all unique, so you should take into account your individual hereditary characteristics while planning your training program.

As a test result you will get an individual analysis of genes affecting your training from different areas, like muscle recovery, oxygen uptake, endurance/strength abilities, and aerobic fitness.

This DNA test will give you scientific information about your hereditary assets and development targets. You can use this information while planning your individual training program.

In the nutrition part, different variations of APOE and IRS1 genes are studied.

APOE affects for example the amount and quality of blood cholesterol. Certain forms of APOE gene predispose more to fatty food than the others and thus can cause health issues if the diet is incorrect. This nutrition test analyses your APOE variations and gives you scientifically proven instructions of the diet that possibly promotes your health in the best way. Usually most of the people have the E3/E3 form of the gene, which does not cause extra risk when following general diet recommendations. However, some have E2 and E4 forms, when it becomes important to try different nutrient composition in the diet.
IRS1 gene affects the ability of your body to handle insulin. A point mutation in this gene is connected to the ability of the body to handle carbohydrates and the effect of different diets on body weight.

This nutrition test discusses the effect of these genes on diet and gives you recommendations on which kind of composition of different nutrients in the diet would be beneficial for you to try.

When you order this test, you will get great offers from our partners, you can for example order a training program that is planned based on your test result, background, and targets.

Below you will find an example of the summary of the test results. In addition to this summary, you will get over 15 pages of extra information about the test and your result!


We always respect your privacy - We will not give your contact details to third parties and you will always get your test in an unnoticeable package.

Quick and secure - Usually the result is received already approximately 2-4 weeks after submission of the samples.

Customer service by highly professional staff - Our qualified staff is always willing to help you in any questions you may have.

Please note that when sending the DNA sample back to us, consent must be provided. If a child below 18 years is tested, a parent or somebody with parental responsibility over the child needs to give consent for the child's DNA to be tested. We do not check any personal details so the client is responsible for the authenticity of the signature.

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