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Wellness Test

Wellness Test
Brand: Woblab
Product Code: WOB001
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This is a combined genetic test of fitness profile, nutrition, Cardiovascular Disease risk, Venous Thrombosis risk, and Alzheimer's Disease risk.

Order this value pack and receive a comprehensive fitness profile with individual diet recommendation as well as your risk profile for common inherited diseases.

Exercise and eat well and lower your overall disease risk.

This test covers the following conditions:

WobleFit + Nutrition test:

A) Fitness Profile. Find your hereditary assets and development targets from the following areas: muscle recovery, oxygen uptake, sprint/power and endurance properties, as well as aerobic fitness, and get the most out of your training.

B) Nutrition. Low-fat or low-carb diet? Adjust your eating habits based on key genes that partly determine what the healthiest diet plan for you is.

Cardiovascular Disease Risk. Find your genetic risk for Cardiovascular Disease and adjust your life habits accordingly. In this test we analyse APOE gene, which affects lipid metabolism and the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. The different forms of APOE gene affect for example the amount and quality of blood cholesterol. Most people have the neutral form, which does not cause differences in lipid metabolism. The more rare forms of APOE gene predispose to elevated risk for Cardiovascular Disease, especially when the diet is improper in relation to genetic inheritance. For this reason, this test also gives instructions on what kind of diet could be the healthiest choice for you.

Venous Thrombosis Risk. Find out if you have an elevated risk of Venous Thrombosis for example during long flight, when using oral contraceptives, or during pregnancy. Blood clotting involves a lot of different coagulation factors, which are proteins that regulate blood coagulation. They have been found to carry inherited genetic changes that cause a greater risk for Venous Thrombosis. The most common genetic change is the factor V mutation (rs6025), the prevalence of which in Finland is about 3%. Alone it means about 9-fold higher risk of Venous Thrombosis, but together with combined oral contraceptives, the risk may go up to 30-fold. The another mutation is in prothrombin gene (rs1799963), with a frequency of about 1%. Together these two mutations may elevate the risk of Venous Thrombosis up to 20-fold.

Alzheimer's Disease Risk. Find out the common genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease and change your life habits accordingly. In this test we analyse APOE gene, which is the most well-known genetic risk factor for late onset Alzheimer's Disease. APOE gene can be inherited in different forms from both parents. One of these forms (APOE-ε4) is connected to elevated risk for Alzheimer's Disease and it is found from 15% of Caucasian population. The two other most common APOE forms are either neutral or even lower the overall risk. With your life habits you can influence how the genetic risk would affect the onset of the disease in the future. Those include for example using the brains actively and protecting them from injuries, avoiding obesity, not smoking, and moving regularly.

We always respect your privacy - We will not give your contact details to third parties and you will always get your test in an unnoticeable package.

Quick and secure - Usually the result is received already approximately 2-4 weeks after submission of the samples.

Customer service by highly professional staff - Our qualified staff is always willing to help you in any questions you may have.

Please note that when sending the DNA sample back to us, consent must be provided. If a child below 18 years is tested, a parent or somebody with parental responsibility over the child needs to give consent for the child's DNA to be tested. We do not check any personal details so the client is responsible for the authenticity of the signature.

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