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DNA Direct Y-STR/Paternal Lineage Test

DNA Direct Y-STR/Paternal Lineage Test
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DNA Direct Y-STR/Paternal Lineage Test

Y-STR testing determines whether two males share the same paternal lineage. The Y-STR comparison DNA test is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations. Only males can undergo Y-STR testing because females do not possess a Y chromosome.

Y-STR testing will tell you whether or not your Y-STRs are consistent, or not consistent, with the conclusion that you and the possible relative(s) may be related through a common male ancestor.

Y-STR analysis cannot distinguish a specific relationship between males who belong to the same paternal line. However, it is useful for excluding males from an alleged biological relationship. For example, if a male child and his alleged uncle (alleged father’s full brother) are tested, their Y-STR profiles must match. If they do not, then the alleged uncle is excluded (not considered a biological uncle) and the alleged father is probably not the biological father.

We understand your need for results to remain confidential. Once testing is complete, we will only send results to the email address you provide when the order is placed. We will not issue results over the phone.

STEP 1 - Order a DNA test kit.  Inside the kit, you'll find two cheek swabs for each person being tested, easy-to-follow instructions, and a free prepaid return you'll use to send your DNA test samples to the laboratory.

STEP 2 - Carefully follow the instructions. Collect your DNA samples and complete the required consent form.

STEP 3 - Return your DNA kit to the lab. Place your samples envelopes and consent form in the DNA kit box and return them to our testing laboratory.

STEP 4 - Our laboratory will analyze your samples in as little as two business days, prepare your results, and deliver your final report by email.

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