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DNA Ancestry Test

DNA Ancestry Test
Brand: ScotlandsDNA
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DNA Ancestry Test

We will reveal your specific haplogroups and subtypes along with your personal genetic signature showing you where your haplogroup and subtype are placed on the Y DNA (fatherline) tree and on your mtDNA (motherline) tree, and providing you with haplogroup-specific distribution frequencies across Britain and Ireland, and around the world. Accompanying your unique genetic information is the historical narrative. Written by our lead historian and geneticist, and personalised to your haplogroup, each historical narrative aims to give you a greater understanding of your results. The All My Ancestry test reveals your recent ancestry, going back 6-8 generations. Population Percentages - allows you to discover what percentage of your DNA comes from different populations around the world. The percentage charts may include plots from Europe, Africa, West Asia, South and Central Asia, East and North Asia and Hispanic and Afro Caribbean. Global Connections - will provide several genetic maps that plot your individual DNA in comparison to others from different countries. These maps may include Europe, Hispanic and Afro Caribbean, Native American, Jewish, African, Sub Saharan, West Asian, South and Central Asian and East / North Asian. Chromosome Painting - Your unique 22 autosomal chromosomes will be coloured by West Eurasian, Sub-Saharan African and Asian-Native American. The Baldness trait test will tell you your genotypes at two SNP locations, rs1160312 and rs989345. For men we will tell you how common your result is and what it means for your risk of losing your hair. For women we can tell you the baldness risk that it confers to any sons you may have. The Blue eyes trait test tells you your genotype at SNP rs12913832 to give you a probability of your eye colour, and how this compares to others within a child probability calculator to predict your children's eye colour. The Red-head trait test looks at 33 variants of red hair, more than any other test available on the market


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