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Premium Female DNA Test mtDNA

Premium Female DNA Test mtDNA
Brand: DNA Consultants
Product Code: AFF010AMA
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Premium Female DNA Test mtDNA


The Premium Female Test analyzes your matrilineal descent from the earliest humans to the present, by testing the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) passed to you by your mother. Your mtDNA is screened for differences on two control regions known as HVRI and HVRII. The resulting "mutations" define your maternal lineage (the DNA of your mother, her mother and so forth, all the way back). Your mtDNA mutations are researched in the Cambridge Mitochondrial DNA Concordance, Mitosearch, and other authoritative databases. A history of your particular female lineage is presented as part of the report, with comparative frequencies in world populations.

Includes a brief list of genetic disorders linked to your mtDNA haplotype in medical literature plus famous individuals who have your haplogroup

Once completed you get:

- Mitochondrial DNA laboratory report signed by chief scientific officer 
- Laboratory analysis of your mitochondrial DNA 
- Determination whether your mitochondrial lineage is Eurasian, Native American, Asian or African 
- History and description of your particular female lineage (haplotype) 
- One-click access to websites and female-linked cousins mentioned in your report 
- References and resources for further information and FAQs with complete access to our Learning Center 

Open-ended customer service to answer all your questions about your results, M-F 10am-6pm Mountain Time. Upgrades and followup tests available without retesting or re-sampling costs once your initial results are in.

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