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DNA LandMarks - Products and Services

DNA LandMarks - Products and Services
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DNA LandMarks

DNA LandMarks (DLM) was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Svalof Weibull Seeds and a group of Agriculture Canada researchers.  BASF Plant Science, which is part of BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, saw the value of the services provided by DLM and, in 1998, purchased the company for it to serve as its internal service lab for all of its genomics requirements.  Since then, DLM has been the “Centre of Excellence” for DNA sequencing and genotyping for all of BASF Plant Science’s requirements.

In 2003, DLM launched an external genomics service business to complement the internal work it was carrying out for BASF.  This launch was facilitated by the acquisition of the marker service company Paragen (formerly Celera AgGen, Linkage Genetics and Native Plants Inc.).  The external business has always focused solely on agricultural clients.

In 2005, this external service business was extended to include livestock genomics services as well.  At this time, DLM recruited additional scientific expertise to provide top quality service and know-how to the livestock sector.  This expertise has been expanded as the livestock portion of our business has grown.

Today, with clients located around the globe, DLM is one of the leading agricultural genomics labs in the world.  As a subsidiary of a large, multinational company, we are skilled at providing a high level of service backed by stringent quality assurance measures.

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