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Genealogy test - Maternal line

Genealogy test - Maternal line
Brand: Genomia
Product Code: GENOMIA001
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Female Line Testing

Tests of mt-DNA HVR1 (Hypervariable Regions 1)

Provides genealogically relevant matches and recent ancestral origins.

The genetic analysis of conserved regions of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) can discover the origin of maternal line. The research has shown that all known maternal lines have origin in one genetic foremother Eve. The mtDNA of the ancient foremother has undergone a series of mutations during the evolution and based on these typical (today conserved) mutations, persons are matched to one of 22 basic haplogroups.

The mtDNA is transferred from mother. It is inherited by both sons and daughters, but only daughters are able to pass it on to their children. Sons are a blind branch and they do not transfer the information stored in their mtDNA to their descendants. The genetic mtDNA test can be performed both in men and women. The result of genealogical DNA test is the determination of the haplotype (statement of decisive markers) and matching to specific haplogroup.

Genomia performs tests of maternal line HVR I and HVR II (i.e. identification of regions in the sequence of mitochondrial DNA: HVR I base 15873 - 16548, HVR II base 3 – 423). The basic test is HVR I that enables to match a person to the relevant haplogroup, i.e. maternal clan. The HVR II region is a supplementary test; it can help in some persons to specify his/her haplogroup.

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